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Iconic Alchemy

The journal of the Icon Alchemist

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First and foremost,this is the icon journal of sky_dark. Any information you need can be found there.

Since I've been asked so many times I feel I need to point out that this is NOT a community. It's a private icon LJ, with only one poster. There are several very good icon communities out there to join! Just go look them up! =)

Amendment to previous statement: Seeing as this is NOT A COMMUNITY, my rules are my own, yeah?

In saying I feel the need to let a few of things be known when commenting here. I encourage comments of any nature, I really do, but here are a couple of things that are going to get you ignored or not ignored in a way you won't like.

The first is WANK, plain and simple. I'm posting icons, I'm not asking for commentary that says NOTHING about the icons I post. Don't come onto my icon journal just to wank about whatever. Don't ask me questions like: Am I the only person who doesn't like Roy/Ed? or Why is everyone posting yaoi icons recently? I don't care. Go find a comm and talk about it there. You have nothing to say about the icons? Don't comment. As simple as that. If you want to flame me ABOUT the icons, mentioning the icons and telling me exactly what you think of the icons, go right ahead!

Secondly, if you come onto this icon post and DO NOT mention the icons, instead just demand my resources? Yeah, your comment will rot. I will totally ignore you. You obviously have a computer and are capable of searching the web yourself. Go out there and find your resources just like I did. I'm not ponying up my files to someone who doesn't have the common courtesy to comment on the icons in the post. It's just plain fuckin' rude. You make a nice comment and ask in a nice way, I'll share my files with you. That is common courtesy. You're parents may not have taught it to you, so take it upon yourself to learn it.

Fanart - I have a lot of respect for fanartists, but people don't need to get so high and mightly about it. They are not responsible for creating the character you dearly love, people lose sight of what true creativity is. I am grateful there are so many wonderful fanartists in my fandom. But here is my opinion: What it really boils down too is why does someone have the right to draw a character that doesn't belong to them yet want to deny me the right to use it in an icon? Yeah, doublestandard, I know. If I can converse with the artist in question I do ask for permission, if I use something that I found uncredited and it's pointed out to me then I give credit.

Icon requests are: Closed, lots of real life stuff going on right now.

I understand that some people (myself included) put a lot of hard work into making icons. I do it because I enjoy doing it and because I like being able to make people happy. I do not own the copyright or the permission to reproduce ANY of the copyrighted characters I make icons from. I do not have the right to be a credit Nazi. After all no one is forcing me to make and post these icons. I would just like people to think before they get upset because someone has 'stolen' their [insert copyrighted character here] icon.

You never need to credit me if you use any of my work that contains copyrighted characters. However I ocassionaly make icons for original characters, and you should ask the permission of the person whose character it is before you take it and use it. I have them listed under Non-Public Domain.

And please, don't take credit for other people's icon making talents, that's just wrong.

Familiarize yourself with the copyright law: US Copyright Office

Here's a basic summary:

It is illegal for anyone to violate any of the rights provided by the copyright law to the owner of copyright. These rights, however, are not unlimited in scope. Sections 107 through 121 of the 1976 Copyright Act establish limitations on these rights. In some cases, these limitations are specified exemptions from copyright liability. One major limitation is the doctrine of "fair use," which is given a statutory basis in section 107 of the 1976 Copyright Act. In other instances, the limitation takes the form of a "compulsory license" under which certain limited uses of copyrighted works are permitted upon payment of specified royalties and compliance with statutory conditions. For further information about the limitations of any of these rights, consult the copyright law or write to the Copyright Office.

For the record:
FMA is copyright to Hiromu Arakawa and the studio that produced FMA, and to no one else.

Inuyasha is copyrighted to Rumiko Takahashi and the studio that produced Inuyasha, and no one


Fanart Credits:


Brush/Gradients/Patterns/Texture Credits

Swept off your feet
100x100_brushes _joni honerbright natangel
icon_textures miggy memphis candycrack varnir patientalien lvlwing cdg_brushes julia_thorne13 amayih daughterofsnape joli_papier

dearest _wonderland iconobsessed crashwork masquerademasks donotspoilmyday icrush megaphonics propaganda_live likegunfire spectralicons dragong bombayicons iroka fluffy_monster alaskaicons veredgf _3ppl scarsonchest aetter cenedrawood ladybanteerin dearest tragic_icons i_consent my_wonderful radon_ liss07 littlekru hakanaidreams scarsonchest anoldloveletter vanitydream bitemev_v ingridmatthews lavaliere nigii shagalote hexicons haito

soporificial sheld0n hornerbright kidviciouschick snarkybecky zfyreangel wickeddripeplum orchestrachik89 colorfilter graphicjunkie awmp __brightside paperdolldesign drunkenhawkeye roseicons detoxcocktails luxbrush

ohfreckle alleycatfish braggadocio_org petrol

_hakanaidreams jadedicons neke
dragontrap FMA BRUSHES ROCK! wash_when_dirty letsboogie asya_17 haydens_hunnie

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